I’m sure many writers and Authors at some point have looked at the blank page below and thought “oh what do I write next!” am I right? Some wondering how to get over writers block.

Many people have different ways to do it. I like to think of the blank page below as the unwritten adventure of where my imagination will take me. It can be daunting at times but you have to trust that your characters will show you a way through it. They are the stars of this story after all. Think to yourself, what would they do next?

Creating a world from nothing with just a blank page as a doorway and your imagination as the key, is not easy by any means and if you got a deadline it’s even worse. If anyone reads this and can relate, if you took the first step to start writing,  don’t give up. Push on and be happy in the fact that lots of people are going through the same thing and can offer help if you need it. Connect on social media and ask questions. Most of all though, enjoy writing!

Take care. Thanks for reading.