I really will have to write a huge blog to help others like me, who has not had a literary background, but a desire to go into writing.

For now though, I just had a chat with my new accountant. When I started this journey of becoming an author, I had no idea what it involved. Just thinking, hey write a book and try get it published, easy… Wrong! Now I realise it’s getting a tax code, changing dollars to pound and collecting all manner of recipients. Offset my loss to the gains and all sorts of things. Even the advertising, I very quickly realised I have to push my name and book myself, not rely on others.

It is scary for someone new to all this that writing a book is basically creating your own company to a degree.

Don’t get me wrong, I would not have it any other way, I love to write. Just wanted to say that it’s much more than just simply writing a story.

Once my novel is out I will try and do a guide for others like me. Thanks for reading.

If your interested in my novel, check out my chapter 1 on my website. Thanks