As I write I am probably not alone when I say there is ups and downs. Going from thinking you have a good idea, to thinking it’s a terrible idea. I guess as someone with depression and anxiety it’s just magnified. Even worrying over what others think even before its published. I know my novel(s) may not be to everyones taste and I expect negative comments back. But I hope there will be some out there who might enjoy them. As anyone who has either or both the two conditions know its hard, but to try and force yourself into the publics eye is daunting to say the least.

I think what I am trying to say in this blog though is, to anyone who has either condition, don’t give up on your dreams. Try and push forward and love life. Feeling the pain of failure is not as bad as regret from not trying at all, who knows it might work out for you.

Anyone with anxiety or depression out there reading this, I hope you can find your own light out of the dark tunnel that these conditions put you in. It’s not easy by any means. I’m still fighting mine.

Take care and get support for friends and family if you do have either. Don’t walk the road alone.