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Dark Agents Series

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Vengeance (Book 1)

Thrilling action packed sci-fi novel about the dangers of modern technology.

When Rylan begins chatting online with a troubled young woman, little does he know it will be the start of an action-packed adventure, taking him across multiple continents. All Rylan wants to do is help Sophie, a lonely hacker who gained access to a dangerous government computer system. As someone suffering from depression, Rylan knows what it’s like to feel lost in the world. When the police show up to arrest Rylan, he realizes Sophie isn’t the only one in danger–and with Sophie’s help Rylan escapes the police. When Sophie confesses that she’s being hunted by the violent and malicious Dark Agents, Rylan wants to protect her, so he quickly agrees to upload a program that Sophie has coded to an Agent-controlled remote server in the hope it may prevent the Dark Agents finding her. Now Rylan is a wanted man. Is Sophie worth the risk?

Rylan’s about to find out!

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Barnes and noble

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Loved the first book? Carry on the series with book 2, Sovereignty.

Sovereignty Front Cover.jpg

Sovereignty (Book 2)

After an exhausting battle Rylan is gone and Sophie is left alone and shattered. She has to find the strength from within to rescue Rylan from the depths of the Dark Agents headquarters. The Dark Agents are everywhere as they pose as anti-terrorist police protecting the city as they hunt Sophie. Their artificial intelligence program has gained control of all communication networks growing more powerful each passing day. Will Sophie evade detection while she searches where they are hiding Rylan? Will Rylan survive the captivity unhurt?

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Barnes and noble

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(Book three currently being written. To keep up to date, sign up to the newsletter or follow Paul J Coggins on one of his social media sites at the top of this page)

Guardians series.

An up and coming YA fantasy series.

Currently under review at a literary agent.

guardians picture

A’Shar and John are hiding a secret so deep that it could destroy the very fabric of our world.

A’shar, a small girl from a parallel world to Earth is tethered to a human boy named John. Travelling backwards and forwards between our world and hers, the two use each other to try and make sense of all the strange events occurring to them. Filled with magic and monsters, the two children try and fight back in her world against impossible odds.

But as the war rages on in A’shar’s world, it is only a matter of time before it breaks through one of the many fragile rifts between our two worlds.

Can two children stop the coming war and save not just her world, but our own?

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